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University Mission + Vision

Live a fulfilling life of leadership 和服务

A Loyola Jesuit education is an experience focused on developing the whole person. 你会看到这个, and how we live our mission and vision, through our teaching where you'll combine reflection and action: thinking about what is just and how to use your talents to improve the world.


Loyola University 新奥尔良, a Jesuit and Catholic institution of higher education, welcomes students of diverse backgrounds and prepares them to lead meaningful lives with and for others; to pursue 真理, 智慧, and virtue; and to work for a more just world. Inspired by Ignatius of Loyola's vision of finding God in all things, the university is grounded in the liberal arts and sciences, while also offering opportunities for 专业 studies in undergraduate and selected graduate programs. 通过教学, 研究, creative activities, 和服务, 教师, in cooperation with the staff, strives to educate the whole student and to benefit the larger community.


作为天主教徒, 耶稣会大学, Loyola University 新奥尔良 is an academic community dedicated to the education of the whole person. By thinking critically and acting justly, students are to embody the Ignatian ideals of faith, 真理, 正义, 和服务. 为了实现这些目标, the University will strive to become an increasingly selective university with outstanding liberal arts and sciences, 专业, and graduate programs grounded in intellectual rigor and reflecting the more than 450-year Ignatian tradition.