FAFSA Reminder:

All new and returning students need to fill out the FAFSA to ensure proper distribution of your financial aid.

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Payment Due Dates

All enrolled students are assessed tuition, fees, residence hall charges, and meal plans as applicable prior to the beginning of the semester.

Payment due dates are:

  • FALL SEMESTER - August 1
  • SPRING SEMESTER - January 5

All students are expected to comply with Loyola's billing and payment policy by ensuring that all charges on the student account are covered by any one or a combination of personal payment; anticipated financial aid credits; enrollment in an approved monthly budget plan; full sponsorship by a university approved third party payer; or another arrangement accepted by the university.

Accounts not paid by the posted due date and accounts with a delinquent monthly payment plan will be placed in past due status and students can be subject to removal from enrollment.

Students who register for classes after the dates listed above are expected to make payment in full according to this policy at the time of registration.